Terms & Conditions of Fish Packages Shipment by JBG Transhipping Service

You can learn our terms & conditions before using our services.

Terms And Conditions


1. Transhipping service serves a shipment of fish from Indonesia sellers to their buyers worldwide.

2. Transhipping cost is a cost for shipping from Jakarta to a transhipper appointed place.

3. In due time, the Indonesian transshipper will ship the fish to the buyer's appointed transshipper.

4. Buyer has to pay the seller the shipping costs and the fish costs prior to shipping date.

5. The Indonesian transhipper will clear customs, quarantine, and ship the fish to buyer's appointed transshipper.

6. Buyers should pay freight, import fee and delivery cost to the buyer's appointed transshipper directly prior to delivery to the buyer's address.

7. In case of DOA (Death on Arrival) the seller has to replace the fish and the buyer pays again the shipping and handling cost.

8. In case of DIT (Death in Transit) the seller has to replace the fish and the transhipper pays for the shipping and handling. No obligation for the buyer to pay anything.

9. Transhippers will take care of the fish during intransit and rebag it when needed prior to delivery to the buyer's address.

10. The transhipper held no responsibility of the death, lost and sickness of the fish